UC Berkeley (Double major: Biology & Anthropology)
University of Pennsylvania Dental School
Guy’s and St. Thomas Hospital Residency (London, England)
University of Pennsylvania Orthodontic Residency

To help his patients achieve the perfect smile, Dr. David R. Boschken uses the most advanced in orthodontic techniques and technology. With 20 years of clinical and lecturing experience, Dr. Boschken has advanced his profession in orthodontics, especially in aligner (Invisalign®) therapy. Further, his 17 years of teaching and mentoring general dentists and orthodontists around the world have led him to achieve an expert level of clinical skill and treatment outcomes, resulting in the coveted achievement of being a Top 1% Elite Invisalign® Provider. Despite his stellar reputation in the orthodontics industry, Dr. Boschken isn’t one to rest on his laurels – in fact, “rest” isn’t really in Dr. Boschken’s vocabulary. His passion for orthodontics and his drive for professional excellence keep him quite busy. He consistently attends continuing education courses, travels the country speaking at seminars, training other orthodontists and primary care dentists on Invisalign® products, and makes it his business to stay on top of the latest advancements in orthodontics. By staying active and current in the orthodontics industry, Dr. Boschken is able to provide his patients with the most modern treatments and the very best in care. It’s Dr. Boschken’s priority to provide excellent and efficient customer service to all his patients.

While Dr. David R. Boschken is proud of the level of expertise he’s able to offer his patients, don’t expect him to drone on about his credentials during your appointments. Quite the contrary, in fact. Dr. Boschken is known for being outgoing, friendly, approachable, and extremely efficient. Your appointments will be fast, easy, and fun – seriously! Don’t be too surprised if the entire team is in costume when you show up for your appointment. Dr. Boschken and his team revel in office events and contests, celebrations, and even dress-up days (told you your appointment would be fun). The efforts of Dr. Boschken and his team to create an office environment that combines professionalism and fun makes your orthodontic treatment unique and enjoyable. Talk about breaking the mold!

When Dr. Boschken isn’t working, he’s spending time with his wife and 4 children – if you ski at Squaw Valley, you’re more than likely run into Dr. Boschken and his family on the slopes. Dr. Boschken’s other favorite hangouts include the waters of Lake Tahoe, Giants and 49ers games, and anywhere he can travel with his family to ski, exercise, and enjoy the great outdoors.


  • Pennsylvania Dental License (June 1998)
  • California Dental License (October 2000)
  • American Association of Orthodontists (June 1998)
  • American Dental Association
  • Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontics
  • Completed Phase II Examination of the American Board of Orthodontics, April 2000
  • Align Technology® Faculty Member and Speaker
  • Clinical Advisory Board (CAB) for Propel® Orthodontics




Dr. David R. Boschken is uniquely qualified to deliver high-end results, even for clients turned away by other providers. Having treated over 3300 patients with Invisalign®, he is recognized as one of the most experienced providers in the world.

  • Dr. David R. Boschken is recognized as an Elite Invisalign® Provider.
  • Align Technology® Faculty Member (Align’s Speakers Bureau)
  • Invisalign® Alpha Doctor: First clinical expert board created in 2000
  • Align’s Speakers Bureau: 16 years – 450 Speaking Engagements for Orthodontist and General Dentist markets in US, Canada, South America, Europe
  • Chief Consultant: Invisalign® Consulting Service (ICS): 12,000+ cases reviewed & modified
  • Speaker and Facilitator of Invisalign® Study Clubs 200+ GP Members