Sports Mouthguards

More than 5 million teeth are knocked out in sporting activities each year. While this number is staggering, the American Dental Association estimates that more than 200,000 oral injuries are prevented every year thanks to the use of sports mouthguards.

Customized to fit your mouth, statistics show that worn properly, mouthguards decrease the risk of injury by 99 percent.

Playsafe Mouthguards are custom made from moulds taken by our office of your top and bottom tooth arches, using several layers of different plastics which are pressure laminated together like laminated glass so as to make a very impact absorbing mouthguard.

Why Custom?

While many sporting good stores sell mouthguards, these versions are not as effective as the custom sports mouthguard offered by Dr. Boschken. That’s because store-bought mouthguards cannot be altered and require you to keep your mouth clenched for maximum protection.

Custom mouthguards are made using an exact duplication of your mouth and will stay in place with no effort. This gives you the ability to put your attention where it belongs: on the game!

Playsafe mouthguards can be made in a solid color or in multi-colored blends of your choice!

Who should wear a mouthguard?

Anyone that participates in a Contact Sport, where a player is likely to make contact with a hard object, is vulnerable to a dental injury. We offer a range of mouthguards with different levels of protection suitable for everyone, from children to professional sports players.

What are they made of?

The Playsafe Mouthguard is made from Erkoflex, a tough elastic thermoforming material formulated for the construction of custom-made mouthguards and complying with the requirements of the BGA and FDA This soft and flexible high impact absorbing polymer supports the teeth and protects the gums.

Can they be worn with braces?

A Playsafe Mouthguard can be made to fit snugly over fixed braces, this will not only protect the teeth but also prevent the inside of the cheeks and lips from becoming lacerated by the wires of the brace in the event of an impact to the face – yet another advantage of wearing a Playsafe Mouthguard.

What if my mouth changes?

There is no need to buy a new mouthguard for slight changes in the mouth. They are adjustable to allow for changing teeth and orthodontic treatment. The Playsafe Mouthguard can be remoulded by your dentist to accomodate new teeth or movement of teeth.

Can they prevent any other injuries?

Yes, they can prevent concussion of the brain. The Playsafe Mouthguard is supplied with indentation in its biting surface to accomodate the tips of the bottom teeth so that in the event of an impact to the lower jaw it is safely immobilised preventing reverberation of the brain.

Are there other safety features?

The player’s name and a radio opaque strip are permanently sealed within. This avoids confusion as to the owners identity and enables it to be located by X ray in the rare event of it being swallowed. They also come with a free protective carrying case and care instructions.

Will they look good?

How you feel affects the way you play. Many players report that Playsafe’s firm fit and zingy colours make them feel good during a game; and the boost to confidence caused by better face protection gives them that vital aggressive edge – within the rules, of course!

How long will it take?

The process of making your tooth arches is painless and quick. You should allow at least a week for your custom-made mouthguard to be constructed.

What levels of protection are available?

A comprehensive range of mouthguards are available, offering different levels of protection depending on your age or type of sport you do:

    This is a less bulky mouthguard for children with only their milk teeth present, who participate in sports that do not involve a hard stick or ball. Only available in a limited range of colours.
    This is for sports players with at least some of their adult teeth who participate in sports that do not involve a hard stick or ball.
    This is for sports players who may encounter a hard stick or hard ball. The Heavy playsafe Mouthguard contains resilient energy transmission lines which rapidly transmit the destructive energy to the remainder of the mouthguard thus giving excellent protection.
    This is designed for serious sports players who may encounter a hard weapon or hard ball going at speed. The Heavy-Pro Playsafe Mouthguard contains several layers of high impact protective shielding to deflect the destructive energy. Independent Tests by The Open University Materials Engineering Dept demonstrated that the Heavy Playsafe Mouthguard was more protective than any other mouthguard tested.