Damon® Q System

The Damon System is an innovative combination of passive self-ligating brackets, high-tech archwires and minimally invasive treatment protocols that work together as a low-friction, low-force system. The end result is clinically proven performance that includes faster treatment time, fewer appointments, improved patient comfort, exceptional results and wider arch development with fewer extractions as well as less reliance on RPEs (Rapid Palatal Expanders) or surgery.

Treatment Philosophy

By combining passive self-ligating brackets with high-tech archwires, the Damon System is a unique mechanical system – a passive conduit – that permits low forces to work in conjunction with the muscles of the face, tongue, bone and tissue. Low forces minimize discomfort and greatly increase the types of cases that can be treated to a symmetrical facial result without high-force expansion or extractions.

For Patients

The Damon System uses a special slide mechanism which is designed to move naturally with your teeth as they’re realigned during treatment. Damon is an increasingly popular choice among patients because, although they’re fitted like normal braces, they present numerous advantages that traditional braces lack, including:

  • Faster Treatment Time – Damon treatment is 7 months (30%) shorter than traditional braces
  • Appearance – The clear brackets used in the Damon System are virtually invisible
  • Fewer Appointments – The Damon System requires little in-office maintenance
  • Comfort – Patients have reported 60% less pain and discomfort with Damon braces
  • Convenience – The Damon braces are easy to keep clean
  • Better Oral Hygiene – There are minimal places for plaque and bacteria to accumulate
  • Success – Damon braces effectively correct severe crowding, rarely require extractions, and have a low relapse rate
Am I too old for orthodontics?

There is no age limit for orthodontics. Teeth and tissue are essentially the same to both adults and children. Orthodontists can realign crooked teeth or a protruding overbite regardless of your age.

How long does orthodontic treatment take?

Treatment times for orthodontic correction vary according to the severity of the case and the chosen treatment method. Simple procedures such as closing a gap between two teeth can take just a few months. More complex treatments, such as the complete realignment of unsightly and disfiguring teeth or the complete rehabilitation of a neglected mouth can take up to two years, or longer. Most orthodontists agree that adult treatment will usually take from 10 to 20% longer than youth cases, due to the difference in the physiologic responses of the tissues in the mouth of an adult as compared with a ten or twelve-year-old. Simply put, an adult’s bone structure is more dense and firmly set, so a slightly longer response time to tooth movement can be expected.

Can my appearance be improved with orthodontic treatment?

Yes! Dramatic changes in a person’s smile and profile can be achieved with orthodontics. A person can actually look years younger by straightening crooked teeth or correcting an overbite or an underbite. And a beautiful smile can increase self-confidence and, in turn, a sense of well-being.

What about surgical correction?

Surgical intervention, called orthognathic surgery, can offer dramatic results in certain cases where jaw relationships are so severely malposed that tooth movement alone cannot accomplish desired changes. This treatment requires close cooperation between Dr. David R. Boschken and the oral surgeon. Surgical correction can be a viable alternative to conventional orthodontic treatment.

Why should I be concerned about a bad bite?

Bad bites can be detrimental to a patient’s health. Restorations, crowns or bridges are often impossible for a dentist to perform without prior repositioning of the teeth by an orthodontist. Properly aligned and supporting teeth are healthier, easier to clean, and therefore more likely to last throughout a patient’s lifetime.

Can I afford orthodontic treatment?

Dr. Boschken is committed to making orthodontic treatment affordable and accessible to everyone. To help you get the treatment you need and the beautiful smile you deserve, Dr. Boschken offers a variety of payment options:

  • Pay in full at the beginning of treatment, and receive a 3% discount.
  • Installment plan with no interest, with a 30% down-payment at the beginning of treatment.
  • No down-payment with 3rd-party financing, which Dr. David R. Boschken’s office can facilitate at the beginning of treatment. This financing is often available with no interest.

Dr. Boschken will also work with your insurance company to maximize your benefits and minimize your out-of-pocket costs. To learn more about treatment plans, pricing, and payment options, Visit the Appointment Lounge to schedule your complimentary appointment with Dr. David R. Boschken. A beautiful smile is well within your reach.